Grow and manage your teams

Whether a professional or first time recruiter – Steppily makes growing your organization feel easy and intuitive.


Your gateway to the talents

A highly intuitive, efficient recruiting tool for growing your organization. No red tape, no unnecessary steps – you'll be interviewing candidates in no time at all.


Job offers and internship

Access to both active and passive jobseekers. Create, share and manage projects with your recruiting team.​

Open up your gateway in the world of work

Built-in employer career page and branding solutions help you put your best foot forward!

Manage candidates & interviews

Stay ahead of the curve by offering a tailored candidate experience.

Easy & instant feedback

Save time with a smart application review process that comes with automatic feedback for candidates.

Easy to deploy, even easier to use

1. Register

Get the app and create an account

2. Add your company

Activate the company profile or get access to the recruiting tool

3. Start recruiting

Grow your team!


Relationships that work

Successful employers build successful teams. Successful teams build successful organizations.


The perfect toolbox

Everything a team needs to seamlessly manage the day to day tasks and challenges of team life.

Bring your teams together

Help your teams build, feel and harness the power of team spirit.

Grow fast, grow well

Create effective teams quicker by easily and effectively onboarding new talent.

Stay on top of things

Get an up to date overview of changes and trends in the company culture.

Ready to take our first step together?

Improving the human experience in the workplace is the intelligent way towards a healthier, stronger organization.

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Get the app and create your account

2. Add your company

Activate the team profile, open the team management tool

3. Begin

Join the action!

future is teamwork.

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